Nu Nexus Founder Jim Tsokanos Continues to Advise Corporate Leaders

Jim Tsokanos founded Nu Nexus, LLC in 2013. This consultancy firm is much more than a typical advertising agency, but a team that works with clients around the globe to help increase corporate reputations and to provide unique solutions for a variety of problems. Numerous companies have benefited from the skills Tsokanos and his team bring to the table. This company is only an extension of the work Tsokanos has performed over the last couple of decades. He is well known as a skilled executive with talents that translate equally successfully into a number of different industries.

During his 20-year executive career Tsokanos has held numerous leadership titles with a number of profitable organizations. He was President of Public Relations for six years for MSLGROUP, the PR branch of Publicis Groupe. He served as President of Manning, Selvage & Lee, Vice President of Ketchum and has the current role as President of Coordinated Health. This nationally-recognized health care network currently employees over 1,200 people in facilities throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Tsokanos is also community minded and has dedicated as much time to volunteer organizations as he has to his entrepreneurial goals. He is a former board member of the Council of Public Relations Firms and the US Trade Association for PR Agencies. He lectures on various topics around the country and is a board member of the premier North American cycling race, The Tour de Georgia. He has received a number of accolades and awards from a variety of publications and organization.

He received his BA in communications from Iona College, but Tsokanos, like many successful entrepreneurs, did not wait until graduation to start his career. At only 13 he began working at Joseph Cory Holdings, the firm founded by his grandfather. Not only has family been important to Tsokanos for his career, but in all aspects of his life. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children. To learn more about his career and the organizations he is involved with view Jim Tsokanos on LinkedIn. He is also a regular contributor to several social media pages and authors a blog on his personal website.