Tips to make money with free apps

A common question people have, especially if they are new to app development, is how free apps can prove beneficial. The most frequent question about free apps is, “How do free apps make money?”.
Via deductive reasoning, the most logical conclusion about free apps is that you are making an app and giving it away, so how on earth can that benefit a business? The question is one meriting address since free apps are the most download mobile applications to date, and if it is known how free apps can prove profitable, a developer can capitalize from their distribution by mobile application monetization.

How to create an app for free and make money

In- App Purchases versus low priced mobile apps

When it comes to making any profit with a free app, it’s all about how to take advantage of the number of downloads to lead to a more profitable venture with premium applications. mobile app creators have found that even when offered an application with low prices, such as for just under one dollar, they end up making less money than if they would choose to offer free mobile app with the option to purchase in-app.
In fact, the number of downloads can prove ten times higher when you have a free app where consumers can decide whether they want to buy a special feature. This is an example where it is clear that consumers want to be able to have a choice of whether they can access the feature or not cost-based rather than being forced into the cost of mobile applications with no free opportunity to test-drive offerings.
free application can be used as bait where you can have a mobile application offers you additional features that can be opened via in-app purchase. For example, some mobile games may give gamers access to more coins through in-app purchase solutions, or additional scenes, puzzles, power, or special functions.
If we look at the statistics, we will soon see that this is a phenomenal choice: as many as six of the ten most profitable games in 2011 were allowed to purchase in-app. In the application, the purchase is ideal for one-time or ongoing purchases, and a clear, sustainable purchasing is the best choice to make serious profits. Thus, you have to develop mobile games with in-app purchases that offer attractive enough to keep the money coming.
Finally, do not forget to sign in to use networks like AdMob, iMobi, or Google ad network to bring in additional income..

Getting App Sponsor

Sponsorship is another way to make a little income. It has been so ever since the marketing industry emerged. With a sponsor, you can get your money up front, and if the sponsor prestigious, their names can prove to elevate your brand reputation. You have to find sponsors who are willing to pay you when your white label application.
You may approach the sponsor and make offers on them to say you have an application that has had several thousand downloads (which you can support with your analysis), and you can then offer to change the graphics to reflect the brand sponsor for a set fee. What’s more, you can get your sponsor to work with the application market for you: This is a win-win for everyone.